Supercharge Your Career with machine design, robotics & automation skills.

Robotics & Automation technology is growing at a very fast pace in the 21st century and will see a huge growth in the times ahead.  With machines becoming smarter day by day, you need to be super smart to take over these smart machines.

But How? Learn how to build robots and what it takes to control a robot. With more than 100 robotics components including mechanical and electronic components you get the huge pool of knowledge that you can use to build a machine of your choice.

In This Training, You’ll Discover


List of 100+ mechanical & electronic components and controlling tools to build a smart robot of your choice. Along with design & controlling concepts.


Free access to the huge repository of training material including Documents, Datasheets, Images, Videos and Presentations, E-books etc.


Support provided by the experts of Indian Institute of Robotics & industry experts. Online support to all the registered users.


24 JANUARY 2024  |  08:00 PM IST

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Quickly Learn to Build

Smart Robots

and present to your teacher / recruiter / become a trainer

Once you learn to build the robots show your skills to the world. You can also become a robotics trainer and get associated with us to get the trainer certificate and start your own training center.

Indian Institute of Robotics Gives You The Tools and Skills You Need In One Convenient Spot

With Indian Institute of Robotics Training Programs, you get to learn the concepts and advanced knowledge of:

  • Actuators (Motors, Hydraulics, Pneumatics etc)
  • Sensors
  • Wheels
  • Body Chassis
  • Development Boards (Control Boards)
  • Supporting circuits (control units)
  • Integrated Circuits (Chips)
  • Data Communication Modules
  • Data transfer components
  • and much more.

What you learn and how to use?

In the webinar, you will learn about more than 100+ components that can be used to make a number of different robots and school/college projects.

No need to spend thousands of rupees on buying readymade projects. Now build your own and become a champ. Participate and win titles in schools/college competitions or become a trainer and even start your own business.

You’ll get to learn about the necessary equipment /components required to create your own choice of machines. Once you learn the available components in the market, you can dream a machine of your own choice and would be able to create your own projects.

No need to spend thousands of rupees on readymade projects. Now create your own & dream a career in the robotics & automation industry.


This Robotics program is for everyone who holds an interest in Science & Technology. One should have a will and interest to study the basics of robotics at this stage and can later plan to enter this exciting field of machines and other robotic applications.

Robots & Automation can be found everywhere now a days. Wherever you look around, you will find an application of robotics & Automations Technologies. Whether it an automatic washing machine or a Tesla Car. A very basic application of a robot is a Fan which work on the electrical commands we give via switches.


* School students can start from grade 6 and above
* Student studying diploma/degree courses in various areas and holds interest in science concepts
* Engineering students of any field
* Industry professionals
* Entrepreneurs who want to build their own custom solutions for their manufacturing/assembly/logistics units etc.
* School Teachers, Professors or hobbyists


24 JANUARY 2024  |  08:00 PM IST

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Are you ready for the career in Robotics & Automation technologies?

Are you skilled ready for the hot job market in Robotics Controls?

Is your lab equipped with the latest devices and technologies required to build the real-world advanced robots and machines?

Ask our experts what you really need to have in your arsenal to equip your lab. Through our innovative project-based training programs, we help an organization get all that necessary stuff in the labs, that students can use to THINK | DESIGN | CREATE a machine


  • More than 3000 students benefited
  • 300+ colleges covered
  • 100+ schools covered
  • Applauded by media
  • Appreciated by students, professors & professionals

Well Designed Course

  • Latest technologies covered
  • Hands-on experience
  • Well explained with the help of videos & presentations
  • 100+ component sheets & study material. LIFETIME FREE!



  1. How to build your career in Robotics (counselling session)
  2. Expert talk on what it takes to become a robotics professional
  3. How school students can benefit from the program
  4. How school students can learn to build robots
  5. Huge list of electronics and mechanical components used to build robots
  6. Free study material and access to hundreds of datasheets and components knowledge series documents
  7. 10+ project ideas that you can use to build robots at home
  8. How even a school student can build a lab at home
  9. Support to engineering professionals and students on how to build their lab at home and become a freelancer
  10. How to earn money by selling the robotics projects
  11. How to become a robotics freelancer
  12. How to find a job in robotics & automation industry

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24 JANUARY 2024  |  08:00 PM IST

(Link to participate will be sent to your registered email address)

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