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Learn to build advanced robotics projects, developed by the experienced industry experts having years of experience

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Is your lab equipped with the latest devices and technologies required to build the real-world advanced robots and machines that can conquer the arena?

Do you have the latest Artificial Intelligence enabled labs in your institution?

Ask our experts what you really need to have in your arsenal to equip your lab. Through our innovative project-based training programs, we help an organization get all that necessary stuff in the labs, that students can use to THINK | DESIGN & CREATE a machine


  • More than 3000 students benefited
  • 300+ colleges covered
  • 100+ schools covered
  • Applauded by media

Well Designed Course

  • Latest technologies covered
  • Good hands-on experience
  • Unique ID for each student
  • Well explained with the help of videos

How to run a Robotics Lab?

1) Request a lab: Once we receive a request, our experts will connect with you and will visit your campus to examine the requirements

2) Setting up a Robotics Lab: The experts will plan the placement and design the lab architecture to place the right the devices at the right place and what needs to be deployed in the lab for better learning.

3) Plan the activities: Run the robotics events on your campus. Once the students get enrolled in the robotics program, they will have the access to the lab equipment, study material, hardware & software to build robots and other advanced embedded systems based projects.

Benefits of having a robotics lab!

  • Students get a better infrastructure to interact and learn a number of technologies at a single place
  • Get proper guidance under an experienced trainer
  • An environment to become a future robotics engineer with a handful of experience on different module and projects
  • Raises the stature of the institution in terms of facilities provided to the students. Students feel proud to have advanced labs in their own institution and doesn’t have to look out to others for the same facilities
  • Bridges the gap between the industry requirements and the current academic content
  • A single large platform to give exposure to multiple forms of engineering like Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Students get trained on the state of the art robotics and embedded labs

Why do you need a robotics lab?

Benefits to Students

Certified Training Programs

The students get an opportunity to work on the projects of their choice and as per their area of interest. The custom training programs help them achieve the skills and creativity it takes to complete the project. Once the project is done, they are awarded a certificate which helps them move ahead in their life.

Innovative projects execution

Rather than purchasing the readymade projects from the market, students will now engage more to explore the technologies and would be able to create new innovative projects by there own.

Summer Training & Internships

Students get a chance to work with us during their summer internships programs in Robotics & Internet of Things (IoT) programs. Our trainers help them to get the required knowledge whenever they want.

Industry tie-Ups

Students get a chance to connect with the industry executives and can present their skills and talent to find a relative space in the company for themselves.

Access to Online Content

MaintainingStudents get the lifetime access to updated online robotics content. Read Documents, PDFs, watch videos and much more. Regular updates will be sent. Renew your certifications. More information will be displayed on the Indian Institute of Robotics website.

Student Education & Entrepreneurship Cell (SEEC)

Our unique program “SEEC” helps the students to get connected with our network of professors and industry experts. Under this program, students work on the projects and can present them to our network and get paid for the best projects. For more information on SEEC program, please visit – coming soon..

Benefits to Institutions

Industry Connections

The institution gets more industry connections finally helping their students in securing more placement offers. Institutes also get industry recognition on the skills of their students. Industry connection of institutions also helps in the glory of the staff and the higher management of the institution.

Trained faculty by Indian Institute of Robotics

The institution gets well-trained industry expert trainers to train the students on the different aspects of the technology. Quality education is what we believe in.

Research facility inside the Institution

The institute gets the advanced research facility inside their own campus set up by Indian Institute of Robotics. The lab is equipped with hardware, software, tools etc helps in better learning.

Financial Gains

The institutions connected with the training programs of IIR and their labs being incubated, get direct financial gains in terms of a part of the total revenue generated from the said events.

Quick Return on Investments

Students always prefer not to go out to learn new technologies and work on projects. Having a lab in the premises itself helps them in saving their time and money. IIR urges the students to participate in training programs and secures more admissions in-house.

Lab Maintenance

Indian Institute of Robotics and its team take care of the all the hardware and software parts that you deploy in your labs. Al the devices that we port comes with 1-year warranty and we offer free lab maintenance for 1 year. Post-1-year, the cost of any new part or lab maintenance will be born by the institution.

We have served more than 5000 students by helping them learn Robotics via Online training and in Lab training. We understand form your inquiry that you want to setup a Robotics/IoT lab in your campus or for your own business.

Please find the links below to access the proposal and the list of components required to setup a basic robotics lab.

1) Proposal:

2) List of components:

3) Training Brochure:

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