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Indian Institute of Robotics is committed to offering quality education in the field of robotics training online and offline. The huge network of trainers and consultants provide their support to budding engineers and students who are willing to learn the concepts of robotics and advanced controlling via the latest embedded systems technologies. We know there are a lot of ready-made modules available in the market which most of the students purchase and just do the assembly to create their projects.

But we are different.

We teach the students, how to create their own motherboards and own controlling modules, allowing them to make their own custom applications. With this custom module training, you gain real knowledge and start building your own custom robot at the minimum cost and minimum resources. Robotics courses in India are offered by many organizations, but most of the robotics training centers in India are governed by un-experienced professionals of robotics technologies or who have just learned a few things about robotics either online or from a nearby robotics training institute with a limited amount of knowledge.

Most of the robotics and automation training institutes in India, don’t even have the proper robotic labs to perform real mechanical robotics projects and electronics labs to perform testing and control functions. We help individuals, institutions, and others to set up a robotics lab at their own place with the required components, machines, etc to allow the candidates to perform real-life experiments.

We are one of the best robotics labs and artificial intelligence institutions in the country with the best minds who work with us in our labs. At IIR labs, candidates get the real exposure of the electro-mechanical components required to build a machine, analyze data and perform the experiments. 

The best way to learn & create robots with the latest automation technologies

Get the best robotics training online

Join the advanced robotics training courses online or offline and learn how to build a robot from scratch. Get circuits diagrams, codes, mechanical components,  2D/ 3D designs, electronics components, data sheets, documents and video lectures to learn from the best. Thousands of students have benefited from this program.

Study content is designed and developed by eminent proffesors and industry experts to meet the industry demands.

Does your school/college teach you how to build and control robots/machines?

Most of the schools and colleges want to establish labs on their campus to enable learning in the area of robotics, IoT, Automation, and Robot control. But there is no particular course/subject has been formulated yet by them which can help students to learn these advanced technologies. A good Robotics course syllabus is still a dream for school and colleges. Students across the country apply with us to learn robotics & automation, IoT and various other robotics training program to upgrade their skills.

Students and parents have to think beyond the outdated school courses and they should look out to learn and upgrade their skills in this area.

How will you do it?

Do It Yourself- Practical Skills

Learn how to use the various available components and their possible applications where you can use them to build your own concept of machines and learn how to control them with your own hands. DIY projects will you build your confidence level

Build Many Projects - Portfolio

Not just one or two, you will be learning to build a number of projects that will help you learn more about the components and their practical applications. With time you will build your own portfolio of machines and projects to showcase to the world

Build your career in robotics

After the rigorous training, you can aim higher to build your own custom projects and industrial solutions & can aim for better jobs for various roles as a technical expert. Technology always pays higher than any other profession in the world

Build your own projects anytime

For those who are far away from us and still want to gain a quality education in the area of robotics and automation, have a golden chance to learn online from our experienced trainers and the best robotics course that we have built for you. The robotics course has been built in such a way to make you understand the concepts of hundreds of parts that you can learn how to use and build your own dream machine. The course contains the documents, designs, pdf’s, self-assessment Q&A sheets, programming basics, videos. images and lot more to make you understand the subject.

No need to worry if you can’t join our labs today. Once you enroll with us, you can come anytime to join our labs.

Lots of projects to learn & work

Get a huge repository of projects and technologies to learn from to build your own custom project

Choose from a wide range of courses for your next project. Learn PCB Designing, Robot 2D/3D modeling, robotics training, IoT training, circuit designing, C programming, RISC architecture, Python, AI, Database designing, Apps development, Web interface design and lot more


Learn the basics and advanced methods of creating the autonomous robots.

Machine Design

Design your 2D/3D robots and simulate before actually creating a live model.

Apps & Games

Build your own mobile app for machine controlling and monitoring.


Write scripts that calculates, records and stimulates an entire robot program.


Programming a robot is the main task to make it an autonomous machine.

Circuit Design

Learn to create your circuit for your machine application & PCB Fabrication

Database Design

Build your own database based on the sensory inputs and perform data analysis


Create your own Web Interface to control your machines from remote locations.

Building a robot with us is as easy as 1…2…3…

Think | Design | Create

Building a robot with Indian Institute of Robotics team is like preparing a cup of coffee. With the help of all the machines, tools and software our team has years of expertize in building the robots.

Everything begins with an idea and we have everything that it takes to build a machine. Hardware, software, electrical/mechanical components, data sheets, simulation softwares, and yes, a lot of experience.

Free Courses

There a lot of things which we offer to the beginners to start learning and build an attitude and passion towards robotics. Get free study material for your robotics courses and lot of data sheets, pdf’s and videos to start learning.

Premium Courses

Built for engineering students and professionals who know better about the engineering concepts. These paid programs for robotics courses help you build your college projects or even your own industrial projects.

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