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Is your lab equipped with the latest devices and technologies required to build the real-world advanced Internet of Things (IoT) applications?

Do you have the latest Artificial Intelligence enabled labs in your institution?

Our experts will help you get that right things in the lab that your students will use to create new IoT applications that can really prove their purpose. everything in this world is going to be connected with internet and will be controlled remotely via the smartphones.

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What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

Before we move ahead on the need for an IoT lab, let first know a bit about this technology. We are living in a world where we are surrounded by a lot of devices and they have become a part of our lives. Wheather its a smartphone, computer, printer, TV, music system, air conditioner or a door lock. Everything mentioned is a part of our lives, without which we cannot think a sustainable life. Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that connects all these devices on an internet connection. That means, they have a specific ID and that is connected to an IP of your router connected with an internet connection either provided by your local service provider like Airtel, Jio, Verizon, or with through a hotspot connection. Internet of Things (IoT) in other words is an ecosystem/network of physical devices, automobiles, home appliances, industrial equipment, machines or any other electromechanical device which is embedded with an electromechanical hardware, software, sensors, actuators and a feedback controller mechanism which enable all of these to collect and exchange data over the internet. The invention os this technology has helped us in reduced efforts of data collection, communication and automatic decision making on a certain group of tasks to be performed with a high degree of efficiency & speed.

Why do we need an Internet of Things (IoT) Lab?

Imagine a world where everything has gone smart and people want real world quick solutions to every problem. They don’t have the time even to cook the food they need to stay alive. In a hurry to the office early morning, a person forgets to switch off his Air Conditioner at home. In another scenario, he want’s the water heater to get switched on before he arrives at home. There are similar examples of home automation and industrial automation where dependency on machines and self-decision capability has been seen in a number of cases. Another one for your reference is that you get an illness attack while work or at a gym, what would you like to have in that situation? An emergency call to the nearest ambulance. Right? Exactly. If you would be wearing a health monitoring device which keeps on calculating your health checks and is IoT enabled too, it will continuously record your health data and will keep it in the records. And if the network is well connected to the nearby hospital or ambulance, it will trigger an alarm and will send the data to the nearest ambulance for a call at the location of your device which is again connected with GPS and internet. Sounds Good? Yeah. This is the power of IOT enabled devices and data network. Now the question arises why do we actually need an IoT lab? The answer lies in the discussion above. Engineers, students, hobbyists, professionals, freelancers are working on these technologies all across the globe and companies are investing billions of dollars to harness this technology. To manufacture or invent a whole new technology and related technologies we need infrastructure and skilled human resources who have the knowledge to work on the devices, software, communication networks and controlling mechanisms. To make all the research work happen in order to bring new technologies to the market and make it available to the masses in less time and low-cost solutions companies and institutions are investing heavily to be a part of this technology and the race to conquer the world has already been started. So don’t waste your time and invest today in your own Internet of Things (IoT) Lab.  

Process to establish your IoT lab

1) Request a lab: Once we receive a request, our experts will connect with you and will visit your campus to examine the requirements 2) Setting up an Internet of Things (IoT) Lab: The experts will plan the placement and design the lab architecture to place the right the devices at the right place and what needs to be deployed in the lab for better learning. 3) Plan the activities: we’ll conduct the training programs in your institution. Once the students get enrolled in the IoT Training program, they will have the access to the lab equipment, study material, hardware & software to build IoT applications and other advanced embedded systems based projects.


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